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作者 : xiangzi | 分类 : 知识问答 | 更新时间:2021-01-23 20:41:44


  Dear Mr. Li,
  Your firm has been recommended 1 to us by the Dickson Electrics Company, with whom we have done business for many years.
  We are interested in your Electric Typewriters for use in offices and shall be glad if you will send us a copy of your illustrated catalogue 2 and current price list.
  Yours sincerely,
  Susan Block
  A Reply
  Dear Ms Block,
  We welcome you for your enquiry of Fed. 1 and thank you for your interest in our commodities. We are enclosing 3 some copies of our illustrated catalogues and a price list giving the details you asked for.
  We trust that you will agree that our products and price appeal to 4 the most selective buyer. And we also allow a proper discount 5 according to the quantity ordered.
  Thank you again for your interest in our products. We are looking forward to your order and you may be assured 6 that it will receive our prompt and careful attention.
  Yours truly
  Dear Mr. Lu,
  We have noticed from your advertisement 1 in www.Chinaproducts.com.cn 2 that you export large quantities of cushions 3 to European market.
  Being specialized in this line for a long time, we are well connected with 4 many customers in our country. At present, we are interested in back cushion fine in quality and low in price. It will be highly appreciated if you could send us some brochures and samples for our reference and quote 5 your lowest price on CIF basis including our 3% commission 6 .
  Should your goods prove satisfactory and price be found competitive 7 , you may expect substantial 8 orders from us.
  We are looking forward to your early reply.
  Yours faithfully
  A Reply
  Dear Mr. Bean,
  We warmly welcome your enquiry of April 4 and thank you for your interest in our cushions.
  We are enclosing samples and price list of back cushions giving the details you asked for. We feel confident that you will find the goods both excellent in quality and reasonable in price.
  Best regards,
  Yours sincerely

急求一套 外贸函电的 发盘 还盘 写作范文 !!! 谢谢各位大大~~

  Dear Sir,
  We were very pleased to receive your letter of 5th April answering our advertisement for typewriters and, as requested, enclose a copy of our latest illustrated catalogue and current price list.
  We think the "Portable 95" is a machine that would suit your purpose very well. It weighs 6.5 kg and is a bit heavier than the usual portable, but it is good for heavy duty and at the same time conveniently portable when carried in its case.
  We have one of these machines in stock and we shall be pleased to arrange for you to try it.
  Although costs have been rising since March, we have not yet raised our pries, but may have to do so when present stocks run out. We therefore advise you to place your order with us at once.

  Dear Sirs:
  Thank you for your letter of 20 May 2000. We are disappointed to hear that our price for Flame cigarette lighters is too high for you to work on. You mention that Japanese goods are being offered to you at a price approximately 10% lower than that quoted by us.
  We accept what you say, but we are of the opinion that the quality of the other makes does not measure up to that of our products.
  Although we are keen to do business with you, we regret that we cannot accept your counter offer or even meet you half way.
  The best we can do is to reduce our previous quotation by 2%. We trust that this will meet with your approval.
  We look forward to hearing from you.
  Yours faithfully


外贸函电:回信(英文版) Dear Mr. / Ms,
Thank you for your letter conveying congratulations on my appointment. I wish also to thank you for the assistance you have given me in my work and look forward to better cooperation in the future.
外贸函电:回信(中文版) 尊敬的先生/小姐,
感谢你来信对我的任命表达的祝贺。我也感谢您对我的工作给予的支持,并期望未来能有更好的合作。 诚挚的
外贸函电:回复投诉(英文版) 20 May 2000 Kee & Co., Ltd 34 Regent Street London, UK Dear Sirs:
Thank you for your letter of 20 May referring to your order no.252. We are glad to hear that the consignment was delivered promptly.
We regret, however, that case no.46 did not contain the goods you ordered. We have investigated the matter and find that we did make a mistake in putting the order together.
We have arranged for the correct goods to be dispatched to you at once. The relevant documents will be mailed to you as soon as they are ready.
Please keep case no.46 and its contents until called for by our agents who have been informed of the situation.
We apologize for the inconvenience caused by our error. Yours faithfully, Tony Smith Chief Seller
外贸函电:回复投诉(中文版) ——先生:
错运的货物烦请代存,本公司已知会代理商,不日将与贵公司联络。 因此失误而引致任何不便,本公司深感歉意。


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