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作者 : xiangzi | 分类 : 知识问答 | 更新时间:2021-01-18 20:23:29


I‘d like to be a volunteer very much and i think it is meaningful for me. We can learn something from it, which can help us to understand what kind of life we want. I've had several experiences about being a volunteer. And the most impressive for me is about helping the olds, which is organized by our school. We help them to cook and make the bed, and some other things that we can do. It makes me feel like they are my grandparents. They have a comfortable life in nursing home, but the environment makes them lonely. what we do really make them happy. I wsh I could get more opportunities to do such things. 志愿者,回忆了一次 去敬老院帮忙。


  One, clear your volunteer motivation and purpose
  As far as I know, into the volunteer team for all kinds of all sorts of strange things. One of the most important reasons is that want to do something meaningful. Need to remind you that the real volunteer work takes a long time to put into the body, just such a reason, is not enough. Sympathy, excitement and sadness...... These emotions are not enough to support you to face all kinds of difficulties in volunteer work. Become a volunteer, you first need to do is to sort out their emotions, to make clear why they are willing to join the team.
  Personal experience, love is the greatest power. As a volunteer, only really love your work, love your service object, you can continue to persist.
  Whether big or small love, love is the most persistent of the most tenacious emotion.
  Two, on their own conditions, what
  Do you have a good physical condition to participate in volunteer work? Will your family be able to give you full support? Does your work permit you to take some time?......
  We don't need to go bankrupt, the destitute of compassion, themselves and the people around me are taken care of bad people is not qualified to take care of and care for others.
  Devotion is not a sacrifice.
  Three, has a mature and stable psychological quality
  These young volunteers work, so I deeply feel that the youth of volunteers is not a good thing. In fact the actual work, I most afraid of is the student volunteers. They filled with blood, not afraid of suffering from fatigue, but the lack of a rational attitude and the actual work experience, often easy to emotional, and even out of control.
  Spring snow many people ask me how to get to the train station to volunteer. At the same time, a stick in the train station SWAT scene revealed to me, the most afraid of volunteers, they lack the organization and experience, in all the people are unable to divide time to take care of them, they are complaining that the authorities are not giving them to make reasonable arrangements, let them shine.
  In the volunteer work, especially in the face of major unexpected disaster volunteer work, not too much emphasis on their psychological needs, to start from the little things, is the best help. For example, why do you have to go to the disaster site? You will be more powerful than the armed police soldiers? You will be more professional than rescue workers? You can choose more ways to participate in the emergency rescue and disaster relief team, for example, the Spring Festival in the crowded subway station to help divert public, helping the elderly and children; for example after the earthquake influence to persuade your side of the man-made disaster people give a love;
  May not be standing in front of the line, is a hero.
  Four, obey the leadership and command of the volunteer service team
  After you decide to volunteer, you should choose a professional, effective and reliable volunteer organization or group. The most important unity and obedience of the collective work. Don't rely on free love, that volunteer work can be a lack of leadership, lack of control.
  Management does not mean override, disorder can bring more chaos.
  Five, the overall situation, not arbitrary
  The same Tastes differ all tastes. the same purpose, goal, everyone has their own views and opinions, and even it is difficult to judge which is right and which is wrong. But as a volunteer, in the treatment of your volunteer work, especially when facing large emergency disaster, please give up your personal will, to the overall situation, earnestly implement the even if you don't approve of.
  Please put away all the emotion, is black and white up afterwards to clarify.
  Six, a clear understanding of the content and nature of your volunteer service
  Don't wait for a job to complain that it's not up to you to think that it's much worse to back down and give up than you've ever been to. Please self-respect to fully understand all you have to do the content and nature of work, according to their own personality, advantages and strengths to select appropriate volunteer work.
  Love is not blind.
  Seven, calm treatment of your volunteer service in the process of doing the situation and problems encountered
  As a volunteer, you will face many difficulties and problems. Your heart will be a great impact, need to bear even from the service object is not fair treatment. But now that you have chosen to go forward, you must always stay calm. When you can not control their emotions, timely exit, or rest, do not blindly suppress their own. In any emergency, you have to stay calm and patient 100 times as much as they do.
  Since walking forward, firmly tell yourself, "I am a volunteer".
  Eight, prudent, maintain a good attitude
  Impetuous emotions are often the most common class of two volunteers. First is the first human volunteers, they first truly feel their own strength, to witness their love and hard work, involuntarily proud of myself, for their moving; the second category is when the volunteers for a period of time, but not the attitude adjustment smooth, in front of the new volunteers, often easy to put on a pair of senior attitude, regardless of the opinions and thoughts of others to empiricism opinionated.
  Volunteer work is often a long long adhere to the process, and the need for groups together to struggle and hard work, is the personal heroism into trouble of.


Dear Sir or Madam,
I am writing to you to apply for the volunteer work. I have read the requirements you have listed, and I am confident that I have the qulification of serving as an volunteer. I have sophistcated use of English language, and the utterest interest in sports. I am good at communication, and willing to contribute myself to helping the others. I promise to do the best of me and provide the most pleasing service. If I am considered qualified of being the volunteer, please call me at 8888888. I look forward to your reply. Thank you for your consideration.
Best regards,

这个基本上是按外国申请工作时最标准的商务信件格式写的。如果觉得太过了,从I look foward 后面都可以删掉。不过I am是正式写法,最好不要图省事缩写。希望有帮助^ ^


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